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Barbara Stewart-Hager, Photographer


"I grew up immersed in music, books and photography. Music became my lifetime career and books are still my closest friends. I carried a camera almost everywhere I went, and knew that someday I wanted to learn more about this intriguing gadget and what it could do.

When conditions are right and I have set the camera properly, it can capture a perfect moment – a bird in flight, the play of sunlight on water, the unfolding of a tulip in spring. I love the entire process and the challenge involved. Photographing animals and birds is uniquely challenging. It is important not to frighten or threaten a wild creature, and it will rarely pose for a camera. With my photography I hope to share some of the perfect moments I have seen."


Barbara Stewart-Hager’s first photographic job opportunity came about as a result of her love for animals.  She partnered with Bow Wow Blues, an Albuquerque dog boutique, in 2002.  Barbara photographed dogs at the boutique and created portraits and/or note cards featuring each animal.  Half of the income from the photographs went directly to an Albuquerque animal shelter.  Inspired by this experience, but also more interested in photography as an art form rather than a job, she devoted her spare time to honing her skills while continuing her music career. In 2007 she moved to rural Mancos, CO, the "Gateway to Mesa Verde".  Since then Barbara has embraced this region’s deserts and mountains has become passionate about discovering and photographing its flora and fauna. She is dedicated to capturing the mood and the visual music of this extraordinary part of the United States.

Barbara's first solo show "Flight Songs – A Celebration of Birds" opened at The Desert Pearl Gallery in Cortez, CO, in April, 2011.  It then moved to the Town Gallery at the Visitors' Center, Mancos, CO, where it showed through May.  Barbara wrote a piece of piano music, also entitled “Flight Songs”, to accompany the show.  (For more on the music, see below)*
Galleries: Barbara was an artist/member of Artisans of Mancos Art Co-op from March 2008 through January 2009. Her work has shown at Raven House Gallery in Mancos, CO, Picaya Home in Cortez, CO, the Cortez Cultural Center and Rio Lindo Furnishings, Albuquerque, NM.  

About the Music

*The background music accompanying the slide show is a recording of “Flight Songs”, the music Barbara wrote for her solo photographic show of the same name.  Barbara performs on piano.  This music is part of a recording project that is still in progress.  Barbara also has two music CDs available for purchase: J.S. Bach's Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo and Heritage, a collection of original compositions for Violin & Guitar.  If you are interested in either purchasing one of her recordings or learning more about them, please go to the Contact page and inquire via e-mail.